Windowsill Orchid

WINDOWSILL ORCHIDS - Exquisite hand made clay orchid flowers and lovely air-plants situated in vases and globes. Creating these along with hand made baby items keeps Sue very busy!

korean kick

Traditional Korean condiments and pickles.

Garden Clay Pottery

GARDEN CLAY POTTERY - A potter who makes a little of this, a little of that. All inspired by my garden & the Salish sea’s beautiful creatures

kootenay Bath Products

KOOTENAY BATH PRODUCTS - provides an extensive line of both fresh handmade bath & beauty products for every member of the family. All products are natural enviromentally safe, made in small batches, never tested on animals and most importantly are gentle for children and people with sensitive skin.

Taylor'd Metals

TAYLOR'D METALS - Susann cuts, sands and tumbles metal blanks then individually hand stamps them to create wearable and functional art for you and your home.

Artwork by Sheryl Sewchuk

ARTWORK BY SHERYL SEWCHUK - Sheryl is one of the many talented artisans we have living on Vancouver Island. Living in the Nanaimo area Sheryl enjoys painting local scenes in both oils and watercolour media. Her paintings are also available in print form as well as note cards.

Creative hands

CREATIVE HANDS SEWING & CRAFTS - chat with Vanessa & Linda. They will be pleased to show you their handmade items; pillowslips, embroidered towels, slippers, ponchos, hooded towels and more.

Yvonne Acheson Artwork

YVONNE ACHESON ARTWORK - Yvonne is a local artist living in Parksville and loves the outdoors! This is evident in her beautiful acrylic on canvas paintings depicting the local area, camping, surfing, canoeing etc.

Lyndsay Hunley Pottery

LYNDSAY HUNLEY POTTERY - Lyndsay’s studio is in the Cowichan Valley. Her pottery has a west coast or country look through colour or design with an emphasis on functional uses. The wheel-thrown pottery is a medium fired clay and may be used safely in the dishwasher, oven and microwave. Dishes are designed for years of daily use in the home.

Bijoux Beads

BIJOUX BEADS - Is a mother/daughter business. All our jewelry is hand made in our studio in Nanaimo, B.C.. Our stones come from all over the world, picked up during our travels, including Canada. We work with semi-precious stones

Misty Ridge Coffee Roasting

MISTY RIDGE COFFEE ROASTING - Blending raw coffee beans and roasting them to perfection in small batches is what makes Misty Ridge stand out in the world of coffee.

Lone Wolf Wood Co.

LONE WOLF WOOD CO. - Using locally sourced woods, Phil makes unique wood products such as cutting boards, coasters, picture frames, ornaments and games.

I be jammin

Ed's Soup Shack

ED'S SOUP SHACK - For over 15 years, and using family recipes, the family at Ed’s Soup Shack create 21 soup mixes and 4 dinners. Delicious plus no added salt, sugar or MSG, stop by their booth and have a sample.

Chris' Creations

CHRIS' CREATIONS - Chris handcrafts gourds of all shapes and sizes, her creations are stunning


PETPIX creates and sews an assortment of accessories for your favourite canine and/or feline companion. Imaged tote bags, crinkle play bags, paw wipes and blankets just to name a few

I be jammin

I BE JAMMIN - Delicious handmade jam, jelly, pickles and marmalade. Joen is a favorite with many of our customers, and her Tayberry jam is a favorite with me !

The Shrubbery Co.

Shrubs are a combination of fruit, vinegar, spicing and sugar. They originated in colonial times when freezing fruit to preserve it was not even a thought. With the advent of modern technology their need was allayed and they fell back into history. Tim mixes up fruit/ginger and vinegar based drinks. They are sold as a concentrate great for cocktails, refreshing drinks, salad dressings etc. He also has 4 types of beer based mustards, including IPA & Stout.

that crafty lady

THAT CRAFTY LADY's creations are ready for your Christmas enjoyment and gift giving. Featuring cute themed gift boxes, uniqe wood slice wreaths and candy cane shapes using wood slices too. Beautiful fabric Christmas trees, ornaments and other delightful Christmas novelties all using high quality products.

Black Bird Quilted Softwares

BLACK BIRD QUILTED SOFTWARES - produces more than thirty items which range from baby quilts to wall-hangings, table runners, and kitchen items such as tea cozies, potholders, microwave mitts, etc. For personal comfort there are herbal neck wraps, lavender eye pillows, and cooling ties. For the family pet there are catnip filled toys and sleep mats for the cat. Lavender and cat nip are home grown.

McCrindle Table Decor

MCCRINDLE TABLE DECOR Barb is back with her lovely selection of table linens, and just in time for your big family dinner! Stop by for a chat, you’ll be glad you did!

West Holmes Wonder

WEST HOLMES WONDER - Faery houses and Faery inspired Birdhouses made with Love from the whispering Faeries themselves.Indulge yourself with the whimsy of these beautiful designs created by local artisan Joey Fortin. Step into this magical world

Island Chia Guy

Chai, handcrafted on ISLAND CHIA GUY - Vancouver Island in small batches. Originating from India, masala chai is a traditional blend of black tea with a mosaic of fresh and aromatic spices. Island Guy With Chai creates premium chai varieties that feature mixtures of traditional spices such as star anise, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and cardamom, as well as more exotic ingredients such as black pepper and chili peppers.